Providing effective and proven programs to assist male

residents with a sustained sober recovery.



What makes Satori House sober living so unique?  In essence, the very basis of this program reaches beyond the usual status quo of past practices; the framework is built upon mindfulness meditation, exercise and a sense of community with structured living.  We all know the progression of recovery isn’t easy, so a triad of support will be present to offer resident's skills to integrate into their every day life.  

"We offer a guiding hand to those in need so they can integrate into society with quality survival tools and skills."



Life at Satori House will entail a daily structured routine, which removes ambiguity, chaos, and unknown factors.  There will be employment and household chores to fulfill, meetings to attend on a regular basis, exercise programs, meditation during the weekends, and clean, holistic fun activities/outings, which will be determined based on weather, availability and other outside influences.  Participating in these programs with the others will enhance the feeling of community and fellowship, which offers a sense of belonging / working together to stay sober in order to grow cohesively as healthy and happy individuals.



Not everyone has the resources to climb mountains – at least not in a literal sense.  However, throughout your journey to recovery, you have the ability to reach heights of returning to a balanced state of being – becoming a better you.  Free gym passes will be offered at the Satori House during the duration of your stay along with weekend training support from Jake. Incorporating a consistent exercise program while in the recovery transition stage assists in the obvious by increasing physical fitness, energy, and a sense of well-being.  But exercise also allows a new positive channel to fight off past demons.  Ultimately, exercise will serve as a powerful tool for your mind, body and soul . . . and who knows, maybe climbing mountains isn’t so crazy after all.


Nobody wants to feel miserable and we all have our own story on what brought that internal darkness to our camp.  Shifting paradigms serves as a means to ignite the flame of hope while relaxing awareness and bliss deep within the caverns of your psyche.  But how?   – It’s simply called mindfulness meditation and it works. Bryzena will guide the House residents through the meditation process on a consistent basis.  Mindfulness meditation presents the opportunity of resetting to inner peace instead of repeating the same old habits.  It increases energy and enhances emotional balance such as stress relief, depression, and anxiety, by retraining your mind to create new neural networks along the way.  Meditation is pivotal in the process of addiction recovery.




Collectively, the basic framework of the program will construct an infrastructure to give healing process skills that can be integrated into the future for a new beginning.  It’s more practical, it’s tangible, and it’s easy to employ in every day life. 

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