Jake, the owner and certified recovery coach, and LeSean, the Housing Manager and certified recovery coach who is a full-time resident in the House.  As team mentors, they will assist the residents on how to live together in harmonious fellowship and further individualistic developments by incorporating an organized structured environment with proven evidenced-based practices.

  From my earliest memory as a child I can recall being restless, irritable and extremely unhappy even though I had everything that would reflect a good childhood and upbringing – family, friends, and aspirations to succeed in life.  Accordingly, the feelings of discontent followed me throughout my adolescence, which is probably why drugs played such a critical role early in my life.  With the introduction of OxyContin following a car accident, drugs became the central focus in my life.  Heroin quickly followed after the prescriptions for pain ran out, and as a result, so did my first residential treatment while I was still in high school.  Relapses, detox centers, and countless different treatment centers became normalcy in my life followed by arrests and jail time.  It was a perpetual circle of doom and gloom.

After endless trials and errors of recovery treatments for well over ten years, I was finally given a moment of clarity - sobriety resulting in a state of peace and balance in my life.  Not only did sober living provide the safe structured environment I needed (and initially didn’t want at the time), it provided a positive outlook on life that I continue to carry with me today.  As a matter of fact, I still have the same connections I made with people I met in sober living.  Genuine friendships with like-minded people is something I never thought I would experience, but I was given another chance.  A 30-day treatment center was not enough for me, but a successive six-month sober living program served as the perfect transition to help me recover so I can share my experience with others and help them find enlightenment in their life.



   My name is LeSean Aultman and I am a grateful recovering addict/ alcoholic. Like most people living with substance use disorder, my life was very unmanageable, troublesome and stressful. Before I was introduced to the program at Satori House, I was in and out of correctional facilities, homeless and lost with nowhere to turn. When I thought I hit rock bottom, I would turn around the corner only to fall deeper. To sum it up, I had no hope for recovery or even for ever having a quality of life.

And then I was blessed with an amazing gift of sobriety by having the opportunity to be a member of the Satori House, which was the best decision I have ever made. Throughout my Journey of recovery, I have been enlightened and given the tools to live my life in serenity and peace. This program has allowed me to gain self-confidence, closure, and structure. All around, I have a life worth living in this community that has been understanding and supportive.

I am now the housing manager of Satori House and a certified recovery coach. Overall, I devote my time and energy giving back to those who need help. I am forever grateful for Jake Niesen's support and guidance, the program of Satori House, and the members of the house - it is a gift!”


LeSEAN aultman


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