Application Information

Satori House's program for young male adults consists of mindfulness, meetings, and exercise to help recover from addiction. Please thoroughly review and understand all rules before submission. If you have any questions, contact the owner Jake Niesen. There will be no exceptions to the rules/guidelines for Satori House and any deviation to house rules/guidelines could result in early termination.  

The initial intake fee of $600 will include:

  • Housing

  • New client processing 

  • Utilities

  • Amenities such as cleaning products, laundry supplies, toiletries, etc.

  • Frequent Urine/Breathalyzer Tests

  • Transportation by house manager to 12 step meetings and sober activities/events

  • Gym Pass

*Note: A new client processing fee includes heightened monitoring for the first 30 days.


I understand that the Satori House, LLC sober living program for which I am applying for requires complete abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol.  Any use of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited and can/will result in immediate eviction from our program.  Disruptive and/or discourteous behavior within our program or community will not be tolerated and can/will result in removal of the Satori House, LLC program.  Finally, clients inability to maintain employment and pay his/her fees in a timely manner can/will result in removal from our program.  By signing this agreement, I acknowledge agreement to the terms and conditions stated herein, and I hereby waive my right(s) to normal due process afforded by local landlord/tenant laws.




The following terms and conditions are to be read and fully understood by the undersigned client of the Satori House, LLC sober living program: 

  1. Satori House, LLC is providing the undersigned client a place to recover in their sober living facility located in Portage, Wisconsin in return for a contracted fee.

  2. The undersigned understands that they shall stay in the program under the agreed upon contractual terms and conditions as provided and explained and may terminate their stay at any time.

  3. Satori House, LLC is providing a sober living program only and does not provide any counseling or restrict the undersigned from making their own personal choices as long as they do not violate facility rules as outlined in this agreement.

  4. Satori House, LLC will provide a sober living program in normal condition and shall not be held liable by the undersigned for any injury or loss to the individual, or their belongings.  The undersigned, by and through their signature, acknowledges that they are responsible for any injury or accident and will forever hold harmless  unless said provider is negligent in the cause of the loss.

  5. The undersigned understands that Satori House, LLC carried only insurance to cover the dwelling and business assets located in the dwelling.

  6. The undersigned will immediately notify Satori House, LLC, in writing, of any incident resulting in injury or loss.  This will include a full accounting of the incident details. 



You are in a sober living program/environment.  Your success and continuance in this program/environment is dependent upon your consistent good behavior and cooperation.   Disruptive and/or discourteous behavior will not be tolerated.  Any contact with illegal drugs and/or alcohol and/or violation of any of the followings rules/requirements/guidelines can/will result in removal from Satori House, LLC sober living.  Your signature indicates your understanding and agreement.  When in doubt, ask.


  • Consumption or possession of alcohol in any form is strictly prohibited.

  • Consumption of poppy seeds and pseudoephedrine is prohibited.

  • Use or possession of illegal drugs in any form is strictly prohibited.

  • No sexual partner(s) (romantic boyfriends and/or girlfriends) allowed on the property.

  • Lying and stealing is strictly prohibited.  If caught, you can/will be fined and/or asked to leave.


Use and/or possession of drugs and/or alcohol can/will result in immediate discharge of the program.  If asked to leave for drugs and/or alcohol, the client agrees to leave the premises immediately and not return for any reason whatsoever without permission from the house manager and/or Satori House, LLC.


Clients are required to submit to a drug and/or alcohol screen/test at any time (24/7) it is requested.  A refusal and/or failure to provide an adequate sample will be treated the same as a positive test result.  Any attempt to cheat/circumvent a screen/test will result in a fine/removal from the premise. 


Clients are required maintain employment.  If at any time a client is/becomes unemployed and is capable of working (not injured/sick), s/he must actively seek employment from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If a client is unemployed, a minimum of 5 credible job applications a day must be filled out and submitted to the house manager.  A client’s employment is prohibited from interfering with their adherence to any other terms of this agreement.


Smoking inside any Satori House is strictly prohibited.


Satori House, LLC is NOT (at any time) responsible for a client’s personal items/belongings. Please be advised Satori House, LLC has limited space, therefore a client must be mindful when packing their items before arrival (*no televisions or bedding).   Clients are responsible for the security and safekeeping of their own personal items/belongings and are to pack and carry their items/belongings when they depart.  If for any reason this does not occur, the client may contact the house manager or Satori House, LLC sober living regarding the retrieval/disposition of their personal items/belongings. Satori House, LLC sober living will not store personal belongings for more than seventy-two (72) hours.



  • Disruptive/discourteous behavior will not be tolerated and can/will result in removal from the residence.

  • Guests are strictly prohibited from entering Satori House, LLC sober living home, apart from prior approval by the house manager.

  • Overnight guests are strictly prohibited.

  • Clients have a curfew and must be in by 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday (Note: Clients must be home before 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday for their weekday house meetings.

  • Clients must adhere to more strict curfews when required (i.e. parole, probation, etc.).  Failure to return to the house on time can/will result in removal from the residence.

  • Every client is required to attend 3 weekly 12 step meetings as a group.

  • Clients removed from the residence are required to leave the premises immediately and not return under any circumstances.

  • House meetings are held nightly Monday through Friday at 6:30 p.m. and are mandatory for every client.  An unexcused absence from any house meeting can/will result in removal from the residence.

  • Thermostat is to be adjusted by the house manager only.

  • Washer & dryer – be courteous.  Clean dry lint screen before and after every use and do not leave clothes unattended in the washer/dryer.

  • Chores are required to be completed daily.  The house manager is responsible for chore assignment and competition. Failure to complete assigned chore can/will result in removal from the residence.

  • Beds are required to be made upon awakening.  Respective areas are to be kept neat and clean at all times.  Failure to keep respective areas neat and clean can/will result in removal from the residence.

  • General cleanliness of all areas inside and outside the home is required at all times.

  • Turn off lights, TVs, radio, fans, etc., when not in use.  Exterior doors are required to be locked when entering/exiting, without exceptions. 

  • Kitchen – appliances, counter tops, utensils, dishes, pots, pans, etc., must be cleaned and returned to their respective place (immediately) after use.                

  • Be accountable/ responsible and communicate.  Accountability and communication eliminate the need for excuses with the house manager.

  • A violation of any one of the aforementioned Rules/Requirements/Guidelines can/will result in removal from the Program.

  • An intake fee of $600 must be paid before or on arrival. All fees are non-refundable. 

  • Residents are not allowed to have their cell phone for the first two weeks of their stay.

  • There is a no contact policy with family for the first 2 week.


I understand that I can be tested for drugs and/or alcohol at any time, for any reason, per my agreement with Satori House, LLC sober living.  I am aware and have full knowledge that the person(s) administering the test(s) are my peers and not medical personnel.  I am also aware that if I test positive, refuse compliance or attempt to cheat/circumvent the test in any way, I can be removed from the Satori House, LLC sober living program and required to leave the premises immediately. Typing my signature below indicates my understanding and consent.