Emergency Department 2 Recovery+

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Emergency Department 2 Recovery services are currently occurring in several hospital sites across the state offering referrals, support, and follow up for treatment and recovery to individuals that have experienced an opioid or stimulant overdose or anyone presenting an opioid or stimulant use disorder. Additionally, recovery coaches and certified peer support specialists may also offer peer support services outside of emergency department settings for individuals struggling with opioid or amphetamine use disorder. Outside services including and not limited to EMT services, first responders, public health departments, probation and parole offices, law enforcement, and treatment and/or recovery centers. This statewide peer support network will function as a portion of the State Opioid Response. The ultimate goal of the program is to unite treatment systems to promote peer support services that will:

  1. Decrease the number of overdose fatalities in Wisconsin

  2. Increase treatment and recovery support service utilization of the target population

  3. Reduce Emergency Department admissions due to overdoses

  4. Provide peer support services in a community setting

  5. Be a sustainable and collaborative peer support network

The main function of the peer support providers is to:

  • Peer support services are available 24/7

  • WI Voices provides assistance to organizations to plan and implement the program

  • WI Voices provides training and education on the ED2Recovery model

  • WI Voices offers training opportunities for all supervisors and peer support providers

  • Supervision and support is provided by WI Voices staff

  • All peer support providers complete HIPAA and Confidentiality training and comply with all hospital policies and procedures

  • Training can be provided to ED and other staff and your community on peer support, recovery, and hospital-based recovery coaching